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Re: [pct-l] Y2K thru-hike completions

I've got a PCT Hiker registry on my web site http://www.pcthiker.com. You
can do a search for 2000 hikers.

You can check it out at this link:


If you haven't added yourself to the list, stop by and do so when you have a
chance. You can even upload a photo!


on 11/6/00 7:23 PM, Brett Tucker at blisterfree@surfree.com wrote:

> Am looking for a listing of thru and section hikers who hiked the trail this
> season, and which would indicate where and when they got off the trail. Last
> year this was Margo's PCT Roster. Is there another source this season,
> besides combing the pct-l archives for run-of-press posts to this list? Have
> tried accessing Ty's list, as linked on Margo's, but his page appears to
> have moved. It is no longer: http://www.v26.com/hikes  Any and all help
> appreciated.
> - Blisterfree
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