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[pct-l] New Balance 801/802/803

My son runs in this series. They are NOT the same. The fits are different.
802 may still be abailable from RoadRunnerSports. 

You should know that this series is for moderate-to-severe overpronators and
is designed as a stable platform for orthodics that support a collapsing
arch and correct overpronation. My guess is that many people who claim that
their feet get better are really suffering from a collapsed arch. Relatively
inexpensive foam inserts are available to attach under the NB insole to
increase arch support. However, real orthodics are hard plastic and leather.
These foam jobs will probably last a hundred miles max before collapsing.
You should also know that my son, who has overpronation and collapsing arch
problems, replaces his shoes every 300 miles.

I think most people should see an expert on this before hitting the trail.
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Date: Sun, 05 Nov 2000 23:20:34 -0800