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[pct-l] Insoles for running shoes

 I've had good luck with Montrail insoles in my old Danner boots. Insoles 
have hard plastic on the underside. I know of several hikers who use spenco 
insoles in their running shoes when hiking.  Of course, the heavy hikers may 
wear down a shoe/insole combo faster, but Fallingwater had good luck with his 
New Balance 802's and lost all his blister problems.I never thought I'd be an 
avocat for light running shoes after using 4 lb. Vasque Hiker 2's on my trip 
20 some lightyears ago. Seeing this years crowd of finishers, I can see this 
is the way to go and has many advantages. In December, New Balance comes out 
with the 804 which should to as good or better than the 803's. ( Worth 
looking into)
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