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[pct-l] calorie deficit

Lurker checking in.... I only have my AT expirience to go by, and I don't
know if anyone else ran into this, but for me it seems that the calorie
deficit is a non-linear curve: if you take 15 miles as a normal AT day,
then to go 20 only required an extra handful of gorp and a granola bar, but
the calorie deficit in getting to 25 miles was HUGE, like a whole 'nother
Just wanted to note something I found in the grocery store, Papadini pasta
made from lentil flour. According to the data on the box a 2 oz serving of
wheat pasta has 2 grams of protien, a two ounce serving of corn pasta has 4
grams of protien, and a two ounce serving of Papadini has 12 grams - more
than steak. I've tried it, and while I wouldn't rave about it, it comes out
miles ahead of corn pasta in taste and texture, and I could certainly add
it to my trail diet. The downside is that it costs about $5 a pound, tho
you might be able to find something similar in bulk... Also, it cooks in 5
to 6 minutes...


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