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Re: [pct-l] New Balance 803's

I started hiking the PCT with a pair of light weight timberland boots, after
a few days either my feet got bigger or the boots got smaller. The next shoes
were a pair of  Vasque Avanti they were light weight so I decided to  give 
a try. they had to be the worst boots I ever used, only hiked in them for 
5 days till I reached Aglua Dalce with my feet in much pain. Now with two 
of boots that didn't seem to work out, I decided to try something radically 
so I purchased a pair of new balance 803's I wore them to Cascade Locks, were 
I recived my second pair 803's and used them through Washington. Once I 
hiking in the 803's I was good to go and no problems with my feet the rest of 
the way.
When I hike the PCT again there's one thing for sure, make that two things 
now that
I think about it, I'll be hiking in running shoes and taking my sharp tm-20 
pocket mail.

Jeff Z. 
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