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[pct-l] Getting enough calories

This is something I learned from chef Squirrelfight on our long hike this 
year.  Every week, he would pack along an entire pound of butter.  Not 
margerine, but the real thing, packed with calories and fat.  He would just 
cram all the sticks into a peanut putter container, and with every dinner-- 
whatever it was-- he would scoop out a heapin' spoonful of fatty, buttery 
goodness.  Even in the desert, he never seemed to have any problem with the 
butter going bad, or at least the bacteria in the water we drank was able to 
kill the bacteria in any spoiled butter we ate.  We also packed out lots of 
cheese, which can be stirred into just about any meal to add real fatty 
cheezy goodness.  And anyone who ate with Squirrelfight this year knows that 
no-one went hungry when he was cookin'  .

Staggerin' Willie
Charter Member of T.H.A.T.H.
(Thru-Hikers Against Thru-Hiking)

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