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Re: [pct-l] Go Lite (online

> -For Sale-
> .00003 gram alcohol stove.
> $19.99.
> The design is much like this year's popular soda can
> stove, but 1000 times as light.  It's made of a

Consumer Alert! Don't buy from this guy. While a $20 stove sounds like a
good deal, don't be suckered by this smooth snake oil sales pitch. Do the
math: that's $1,181,701 per ounce, which I think is a total ripoff. Compare
this with MSRs or Sveas, which provide a constant reminder--every plodding
step of the way--that you got something for your money.

Amigo: why don't you have any bumper stickers for us oldtimers, like "I
carried three times the weight--and it only took me 50 percent longer. Ask
me how!"

Okay, back to work...

Carl Siechert
1977 Kelty Kid

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