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Welcome to Go Lite Online.  As per requested to the
heavy responses I recieved from earlier catalogs found
along the trail, I've decided to go online.  

The following items are for sale.  If you're
interested in purchasing any, please dial 1-900-AMIGO
for ordering info. 

-For Sale-
.00003 gram alcohol stove.
The design is much like this year's popular soda can
stove, but 1000 times as light.  It's made of a
lightwieght paper/tissue fabric and guaranteed to give
an extra kick (one that the can can't do).  While it
may not last as long as the can, it's weight is well
worth the dozens you'll have to carry between
resupplys. Patented by Amigo (hands off Grizzly

-For Sale-
Leftover hiker box stuff.  
$1000.00 for all boxes left behind in California.
  A collection of all 22 boxes left between Lake
Morena and Ashland.  This collection is packed with
goodies, including 876 lbs. of corn pasta, 49 lbs. of
gorp (someone already picked out the m&m's and
cashews, sorry), 7 pairs of blown out NewBalance
tennies, and a few pudding packets.  Don't worry, a
leaky honey bottle left a small layer of sealant on
all items, so nothing is spoiled.  Oh yeah, there are
also a few random pieces of clothing (none of which
are t-shirts reading "Yo Soy Amigo De Lucas").

-For Sale-
Eating Earth book.  
$19.95 for a 200 color paged instruction guide on how
to eat organic (really, really organic).  Includes
several recipes in the back on how to cook various
natural foods, ranging from muds, to soils, to snows,
to rocks.   My favorite is broiled rocks.  The author
even takes time to differentiate the caloric content
of granite vs. quartz and other rocks.   Save weight
in your pack if you go all natural!  And don't miss
the section entitled "Which yellow snow is the way to

-For Sale-
"I can kick Jardine's ass" t-shirts. 
$24.95 for a personalized shirt with your daily
mileage on it.  Whether it be 32, 34, or a monstrous
46 (go Kimmo)miles per day, you can flash it to the
rest of the world with this clever t-shirt. 
Thoughtfully made with cotton.


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