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[pct-l] Skid aka Hungry Hiker aka Paul Miller

-Skid aka Hungry Hiker aka Paul Miller- 

Hey, has anyone or know how to get in touch w/ Skid
aka Hungry Hiker (in '96) aka Paul Miller???  He was
hiking on the PCT with my 96 AT friend "H" and he left
at Donner Pass to join Rambunny on the AT and
according to a post by Ms Gorp (on AT-L) he was w/
Rambunny in VT.  If anyone has a working e-mail for
Skid that would help.... I will be at the Aldha West &
Aldha east Gatherings so I will look for him there....

I have an URGENT msg from "H" aka Brian Brown (I saw
Brian on the PCT yesterday)... 

PLEASE tell him to contact me using the following
e-mail: fannypack96@bigfoot.com 
u may leave me a voice msg at 703-713-7320 (I will
retrieve msgs on Tues, 10/3). 

-FannyPack - http://hikercafe.com 

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