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[pct-l] PCT thru-hikers at Rainey Pass

--09-25, 26,  27, & 28: FANNYPACK - Seattle trip
@@@@@  PCT thru-hikers at Rainey Pass @@@@@@ 

MON, 9-25:  did the Seattle Underground Tour,
basically u were shown how Seattle's business district
was raised so the existing 1st floor became the 
basement.  U can read more about Seattle's history in
"Sons of Profits".  A lazy day. 
TUE, 9-26: Picked up Weathercarrot & Laura (PCT
thru-hikers) and we drove to Rainey Pass.  Arrived
about 3pm..  We hiked south ebout 15 min. & camped.  4

thru-hikers camped w/ us:   Llama & 2nd Wind (from
British Columbia),  Iron Monkey & Catfish (from SC)...
 They said my friend,  Brian Brown is a day or so
behind.. hope to see him Wed..They also said about 20
hikers were at Stehekin.  SUNDANCE 98er from the AT
should be here on Wed. 
WED, 9-27: got up at 6am (note to LANDSCAPE, nothing
has changed)  & drove to Wintrop which is about 35
miles on Rt. 20 west of Rainey Pass..BTW: we 
are camped about 1/2 mile south of the Bridge Creek
trailhead.. Bought hotdogs & bread in Wintrop...
Returned to camp at 10:30am & found that PLATYPUS from
Australia had already passed by..  Shortly thereafter
the following thru-hikers stopped to eat some hotdogs:
http://www.earthdog.org, HOG who hiked the AT in 
97...they left about 12:15... 
13:30- hiking south i meet SUNDANCE & SIEMPER FI DREW,
Sundance didn't recognize me, we hiked back north to
14:45- CASEY & TOBY showed up in camp also STITCH &

17:00- H and I went to grocery store in Wintrop 'n
returned to camp about 20:00.  More thru-hikers in
camp:  BLUEFOOT & JOHN.  Stayed up around campfire
till midnite eating smores.  BTW: SUNDANCE & SIEMPER
hiked north about 17:00 to do 4 or 5 more miles,
SUNDANCE needs to meet parents at Manning Park on 

THU, 9-28: 
up at 5:40am to start fire for breakfast.  We had 2
doz. eggs,  sausage, hash browns, toast, cinamon rolls
& OJ, STITCH was the cook.  Thru-hiker RICH (he
started at Campo, May 21) came in about 7:30 for
breakfast, we aim to please.  It is now 8:45 and
everyone has gone, of course H was the last to leave. 
It is much warmer this morning than yesterday,
probably 35 degrees while today is bout 45 - 50
degrees.  It is now 9:30 and I am sitting by the trail
(30 yds. from camp) waiting for NOBOers to share our 
remaining food: oranges, sausage, hot dogs & chocolate
chip cookies.  We will leave camp by 11am so we 
ca be on the road to Settle by noon.  Weathercarrot is
here in camp w/ me and LAURA has gone for a dayhike up
towards Cutthroat Pass, we will meet her at Rainey
Pass trailhead.  We hope see yall at Govt. Camp for 
the Gathering.  We will leave Seattle Friday in the
am.  WARNING:  I heve learned a valuable bit of trail
knowledge concerning campfires & the info is:  a fire
on old decayed soil may start an UNDERGROUND fire, I 
am glad that PRETZEL & LAURA pointed out the above to
me.  We have moved all the hot rocks & dosed the hot
embers w/ at 10 gallons of water.. 
Hey, I also want to thank my sister-in-law for the use
of her car, "thanks sis ".. w/o the car i wouldn't be
writing this e-mail while sitting on the PCT. 

13:03-well we are 50 miles east of I-5 and should be
in Seattle by 17:00.. 

17:00 - we  are in Seattle... 

Great 2 days at Rainey Pass, saw 23 thru-hikers so
that must be the best luck when I was only looking my
friend H aka Brian Brown, a 96 AT thru-hiker.

1)Sep 29, 30, Oct 1- at Aldha West Gathering at Mt
2) Oct 6-8, Aldha Gathering in Athens, WV-
--Dave Atkinson - Fannypack - 96GA2ME -

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