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The Great Gadget Contest!

Brainstorming on the kick off gathering for 2001.  After this years
successfull light weight stove contest I'm trying to think of the next

There was one person who took one of the tiny flash lights and stuck
velcro on it and the bill of their hat so they could mount it there to
 shine on tasks and free up their hands and mouth.  A great gadget
idea.  So how
about a great gadget contest?  It will be judged on creativity, multiple

usage, light weight, functionality, durability, ability to get you out
of a
fix, . .  .   .    .   .    .  I'm starting to look for some good
gadgets to
give away as prizes.

The third Annual Day Zero PCT Kick Off Gathering (ADZPCTKOG) is hereby
tentiti vely set for April 27 -29, with primary activities tentitively
occuring on
Saturday, April 28th at Lake Morena Campground.  All of you 2001'ers,
planning your schedules, make note and try to join us.  All of you

come on down and give the 2001'ers the benefit of your experiences and
thereby repay a tiny amount of the trail magic you found out there.

Best regards,

 Greg "Strider" Hummel

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