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[pct-l] Kelty Cloud

Cubic inches 3500-4500
Base Pack 18oz
Top Pack cu in 650
Top Pack wt 3.6
Lightbeam stays 3.9 oz
HDPE frameset 3.2 oz [can be replaced with a thermarest or ridgerest
Foam Back bad 3.3 [see above]
Side Pockets 4.7 oz pair
Crampon/shovel pocket 3.9 oz
40mm web belt 3.5 oz [I have never used]
ISOpad belt 13 oz [Very nice for straight hips]
Compression straps (3) 2.2 oz. [These break. I have replaced with cheap
Plasric Geal loops .6 oz [don't find them useful]

I use the base pack, stays and ISOpad hipbelt for a 35 ounce 2#3oz pack.
Obviously this pack will lighten your wallet but it will provide fine
suspension. I also have a GV4 pack that makes more sense unless the stays
and hipbelt are used.

I intend to see if this pack has enough room for a 4 day "traditional"
backpack where I carry the obligatory kitchen sink next week


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