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Has anyone spotted Scott  or Dave  lately on their attempts to yo-yo?

I met Dave at Scott Mountain Summit (Highway 3) on Saturday, Sept 16 (oh
yeah, it's a BIG hunting area and everyone had guns for the opening weekend
of deer season).  We headed out early Sunday morning (I had to turn back to
my other life).  He arrived in Castella on Monday.  There he had a note
waiting for him from Scott who has been consistently 5 days in front of
Dave for the last 3 weeks.  Scott sounded pretty tired and has suggested
they hike together (if Dave can catch up which is not likely unless Scott
slows down or takes some days off).  Dave continues to hike about 30 miles
a day and is in good spirits, even great when his shoulder stops nagging
him.  I can definately see the miles beginning to wear away at muscle (he
has no fat left), but other than his shoulder he feels really good.
  My big concern is that they are both heading into the Storrie Fire area
which has closed the PCT between Humbug Summit and Bucks Summit.  I've been
in contact with the forest service and sent on an alternate route they
suggested west of the PCT (which doubles the miles).  BUT as of today (Wed,
Sept 20) a new fire east of Paradise has again closed Highway 70 and puts
the alternate route between the two fires.  (Dave origianally planned to
hike through the area even though it was closed but though the perimeter is
90% contained the fire is still actively burning over much of the PCT.
Last weekend crews were blasting near the trail.  This has convinced him to
reroute.)  I don't know how much Scott knows of the trail conditions in
that area.  Forest and fire personel are now suggesting heading east
towards Lake Almanor.
  I hope to hear from Dave tomorrow from Burney and then comes Hat Creek
Rim (where temperatures are currently in the low hundreds).  He'll carry
water and hopes to be in Old Station on Friday before the post office
closes.  Maybe he'll have more news of Scott at that time.

Walk on,


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