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[pct-l] Rock on!

To the class of 2000...you rock!
Congrats to those who made it through the first few
miles of "illegal" territory.  Congrats to those who
made it all the way to "where the trail ends" and had
to pay your 12 bucks for camping.  Congrats to those
pure and impure, along with those who fizzled out
somewhere along the way.  While I may have flown past
you during one of my "wanna do 40" days or you passing
I while I sat incapacitated with hiccups for days, you
were a part of an incredible spring/summer for me.  
 Noticing the posts on whereabouts of hikers, I'd like
to jump on the wagon.  While Monte has a pretty good
grasp on many, there are still tons that are slipping
through the cracks.  I'd love to hear of their
whereabouts (and or their email addresses) of those
who have finished (or almost).

Passing along my info, Bluefoot and Iron John are just
days from Canada, just in front of Montana Matt,
Tortuga Molly, Captain Chaos, and Oakey Dave.  I've
lost touch with Lamont the Hog, Sunrise, and Slipkid,
but know they're nearly there too.   Hawkeye just
emailed me, and is nearly to Washington!  Let's root
him on!  Personally, I think he'll make it, cause
he'll be forced to quit his 4:00 something breaks.  

As for others, I too would love to hear about those
who left me in mid california.  Tripod, Dawn, Woog,
Pansyass, Fish, Jughead, Improv, Butterfly, Hollywood,
Star, and Mudflap.  

Where are they?

Sending you internet pinecones,

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