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[pct-l] sleeping in the open

John Love was a homesteader and rancher in Wyoming and spent 7 years living
there  out in the open. (He had been born on his uncle John Muir's farm in
Wisconsin, but spent his boyhood back in Scotland).

when his two sons went out on the range,"they slept out on the range, never
in a tent.  This was not a choice. This was family custom."

Love"s son David later questioned his father what he had against tents:
"Laddie, you don't always have one available" his father said patiently. 
"You want to get used to living without it"  Tents, he made clear, were for
a class of people he referred to as "pilgrims".

(From John Mcphee"s Book: Rising from the Plains, pg80-81.  This is a book
about Geology and reads like a novel, and is biographical of the Love
family - a fascinating history)

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