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Re: [pct-l] tents...

> Ron would have done better carrying a traditional pack with a big heavy
> COMFORTABLE tent, a nice camp chair and a good book. He would have then
> been forced to lug his 40-50 pound water-filled pack up the trail 7 to 10
> miles and STOP and ENJOY the rest of the day. Because RON had a
> camp he would stop anywhere after his alotted 7-10 mile journey, set up
> and lounge in his chair and read his book. Of course no one recognixed him
> as a thruhiker. Who ever heard of a thruhiker reading his book at 3PM...in
> camp chair?????

I have. It was another Ron--Ron Hall, dubbed the Chairman in 1977. He (and
his folding aluminum chair) made it as far north as Pear Lake before being
rained out of the Cascades.

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