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[pct-l] A job announcement

Since I can't send the .pdf attachment the job announcement, I'll just post
excerpts from it and the e-mail that I received regarding the job.



Plan, construct and maintain recreation trails and competitive tracks. Lead trail
crews. Supervise volunteers performing manual labor on trails. Conduct field
surveys for trail planning. Use, maintain and repair power equipment and hand
tools. Operate office equipment including computer. Prepare material quantities,
cost estimates, maps, construction drawings, and grant applications.

SALARY: $13.08 - $14.09 Per Hour

Bachelors degree in Natural Resources, Park Management, Landscape
Architecture, or related field. Trail management or similar relevant experience
will substitute for the education requirement on a year for year basis. Valid
Drivers license is required. Preference will be given to individuals with
previous supervisory, administrative, trail administration, planning, construction

and/or maintenance experience. Computer skills are highly desired as well as
experience with power tools, hand tools, or heavy equipment. Commercial
Drivers License (CDL) is preferred.

RECRUITMENT DATES: Monday, September 18, 2000  Friday, September 29, 2000

Required County Application Form (3100-049) AND SUPPLEMENT must be received by
5:00 p.m. on the recruitment closing date. Applications and information may be
obtained at the Maricopa County Human Resources Department located in Suite 200 of
the County Administration Building, 301 West Jefferson, Phoenix, Arizona
85003-2145. If you have access to a FAX machine or FAX PC, you may request
application materials via our FAX-on-Demand Program at 602-506-1212. Recorded Job
Message: 602-506- 3329. Phone: 602- 506-3755. Teletypewriter (TT) 602-506-1908.
Internet Address: www.maricopa.gov

(note, the application and required supplement is online in .pdf format.)

Here is from the e-mail I received:

Maricopa County (Arizona) Parks and Recreation Dept. is seeking to hire a Trails
Planner.  A variety of duties are involved, including, but not limited to:
design, construction, and maintenance of trails in a rural/backcountry setting;
procurement; supervision of at least one employee; supervision of volunteers; map
making; public contact; coordination with other agencies.  This involves desk work

and field work. The Dept. is splitting duties between two planners. This one will
responsible for trails in four county parks which total 35,000 acres, and approx.
miles of trails.

Interested persons must have experience in trail management to a reasonable
degree. This could be through actual experience, education, or a combination of

Applicants must be prepared to endure life in the big metropolis. The county
parks surround the Phoenix area. Trail personnel work from the central office, and

then head out to the parks for field duties. We work in the heat of summer, what
some of us call cold winters, rain or shine (mostly shine).

For more details, please call Dave Konopka at 602-506-8941;

E-mail:  davekonopka@mail.maricopa.gov

This announcement and a job application is available at www.maricopa.gov.

To get the application online:

go to:


On the job category selection bar, select "Trades/Maintenance/General" and then
search.  The trail planner should be near the end of the list that pops up.  You
print out the application from there.

By the way, in case you didn't pick up on it, this is in Phoenix, AZ.  The
maricopa county parks system is the geographically largest county park system in
the United
States.  These desert mountain parks are not your typical county park at all.  You

get to work in some of the most beautiful places around the Phoenix area.  The
percentage of working in the field/working at the desk is probably 90/10 or
And the workweek is four 10 hour shifts, monday through thursday.  Your weekend
starts at 3:30 on thursday.  The occasional saturday may be required to supervise
volunteer project.

So even if you just know someone that may be interested/qualified, pass it on.

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