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[pct-l] FW: New Bear Canister

If anyone is interested.
I might add that I now have 2 standard and 1 elongated aluminum canisters to
sell at half price. I will also loan them to anyone for free
The Backpacker Bear Can: $95.00 --- I have two, halfprice or I will loan
them to you 
This is the smallest and lightest approved bear resistant food canister. It
weights in at a light 2 LB 3 OZ and can store 5 to 6 days of food if
carefully packed, or less if you are into just eating calories is 8"
diameter and 12" long. Capacity - 588 Cubic Inches

The Extended Backpacker Bear Can: $140.00 -- I have 1, half price  

For those hearty souls that go on extended back country trips and through
hiking you need the extra room but not the extra weight. With 33% more room
at a weight of 2 LB 12 OZ, this 8" diameter and 16" long canister is the
lightest and strongest bear resistant food canister of this size you can
buy. Capacity - 785 Cubic Inches


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