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[pct-l] Support crew musings

  This weekend I met up with WalkOn (David Paulson) at Highway 140 near
Fish Lake.  He's in great spirits and going strong on his yo-yo attempt and
really appreciated a day off in Medford.  The following musings are very
personal but I'll bet they apply to so many of you long distance hikers and
your loved ones.

  What an amazing priveledge to be a part of the life of this incredible
man!  Having hiked over 3000 miles, he wakes up each morning with a glad
heart that this day, he gets to take a walk in the mountains.  His shoulder
aches when he hikes, his feet throb at night and yet the wonder, beauty,
and serenity of the woods outweighs all.
  One day, hiking around Mt. Thielsen through lightning, thunder, rain and
hail,  uphill, across snow fields, he turns with his impish grin, "Now
this, is hiking the PCT!"
  When talk turns to the banal existence of responsibilities, bills, and
work, his response is, "Gee, all I have to do is walk 30 miles today."
  To be in his presence is almost a meditation under his calming,
supportive influence.  Kind and quiet, patient and observant, he is a part
of the mountains, the wind, the water, as steady as a heartbeat, as
self-contained as the woods.  He has chosen the mountains or perhaps thay
have chosen him with his solitary ways.
  It is my privelege to know him, to support and encourage him, to be the
one his shares his few complaints with, to love him, to let him go.
  Water must find its way to the ocean.  One cannot stop the mountains in
their constant change of erosion and building.  The wind blow gentle or
strong, but free.  And David must have the mountains.  They are the music
of his soul.
  I am humbled and uplifted.


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