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Re: [pct-l] boiling water


     If I boil water to disinfect it; I also only wait
until the water boils. I don't know where the 5+
minutes idea came from other than someone being overly
cautious. Perhaps that someone wanted to make sure the
water got to a true full boil, instead of just a
simmer with a little steam and bubbles rising.

     BTW, I've drank lots of Sierra water (high Sierra
water that is) straight without any disinfection and
never had trouble (know on wood). Did get something
though from a fast food place in the Central Valley.


--- Jack Young <youngjack@hotmail.com> wrote:
> lately I have only been boiling water to a rolling
> boil and not waiting the 
> 5-10 minutes the USFS and USPS advises.  Someone
> told me that that was just 
> more over cautous govt diatribe and that once at a
> rolling boil what is 
> going to die is dead. Am I crazy?

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