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Re: [pct-l] bear canisters on the JMT

> Jerry the "geartester" writes:
> << The most I've ever cost them was $148,000.00. >>
> "Them" is us, taxpayers, voters, PCT hikers, thanks.
No problem. You're absolutely right...you are the people that tolerate this
abuse when it is in your collective power to stop it so that is where the
stick is best applied. When enough people understand that a law impacts them
very negatively, they usually change it.

> Confrontation with a cop in my town will not only land me in jail, it
> land me in the hospital also.  So I keep my mouth shut and jus' do w'at da
> man says!
This is the best possibility. Then you can sue both the cop personally for
violating your civil rights, driving him into bankruptcy and a different
profession or greater prudence, and the governmental agency that employed
him.....makes for twice the returns. Just be sure you never resist and all
the medical damage is on you. They can only lock up so many people. Oh, yes,
the defense that he was only enforcing the law was pretty much negated at

when faced with a baton in the face is the true test
> of courage.  Goodluck.
Short step. 3 years in the field in the Marine Corps in the Infantry or
living in the villages in 8 man teams advising the locals...half of which,
at least, were VC. I had my 19, 20, and 21 birthdays in Viet Nam. I was
wounded 3 times. They
pretty much scared me out there. Like a junk yard dog that's been kicked too
many times. Just not impressed as long as I get to bite back. Also been
told, by those paid to diagnose such things, that I have a problem with
authority figures, especially federal... go figure... ;o).I really don't
mean to antagonize you but it is a subject I feel rather strongly about.
Sure wouldn't be the first time I got locked up for it. Going of federal
land with me is always......interesting... =o).

> I agree that the regulations mandating bear canisters are a short sighted
> decision based upon little experience.  A law is only as good as it is
> enforced.  I kind of like Monte's idea of carrying a rist rocket (sling
> and zapping any bear that comes near.
> I've carried a southern Antagoian, left-handed, inversion, anti-bear
>  I've been using it around my house for years and haven't seen a bear in
> 25 years!  It works great!
> Greg "Strider" Hummel
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