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Re: [pct-l] bear canisters on the JMT

Jerry the "geartester" writes:

<< The most I've ever cost them was $148,000.00. >>

"Them" is us, taxpayers, voters, PCT hikers, thanks.

Confrontation with a cop in my town will not only land me in jail, it might 
land me in the hospital also.  So I keep my mouth shut and jus' do w'at da 
man says!  

I vote hard as hell and write letters where I think someone is listening.  
Standing on your morals when faced with a baton in the face is the true test 
of courage.  Goodluck.

I agree that the regulations mandating bear canisters are a short sighted 
decision based upon little experience.  A law is only as good as it is 
enforced.  I kind of like Monte's idea of carrying a rist rocket (sling shot) 
and zapping any bear that comes near.  

I've carried a southern Antagoian, left-handed, inversion, anti-bear whistle. 
 I've been using it around my house for years and haven't seen a bear in over 
25 years!  It works great! 

Greg "Strider" Hummel
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