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[pct-l] The Death of Heavy Metal!

 The day of the Kelty Tioga's and Seracs, Jansport D-3,D-5's, Alpinelight's 
and NorthFace's " Back Magic" has gone the way of the Svea. ( And the 
8-track) It is strange indeed to see any of these radio receivers on the 
trail nowdays. Maybe the farming out of cheap labor (and materials) is 
bringing these old war horses down. New packs of these makes are but lame 
imitations of the packs of yesteryear. Old frame packs, though heavy, still 
do the job and can be found at garage sales for cheap if you keep your eyes 
open. PS Hope to be at the meeting the 29th!!! I will be peddling my " PCT, 
Trail of Death " Videos for my cost. Tape will contain film of this years 
hikers and thoughts in high action packed hiking scenes!!!! Later, Monte
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