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[pct-l] COPS: The Pacific Crest Trail episode

Cop: Why you got your thumb out on Hwy 89?  You skippin around part of the
PCT?  Then gonna say you hiked the whole trail?  Time to cuff ya and stuff

Sorry, random funny COPS joke.  Anyway
> across some postings about hiker harrassment by local cops in warner
> springs,lone pine and tahoe, and ive been wondering how common this is.
> having  in the past ,had a few tastes of small town "justice" this is
> worring me a little. id hate to have a trip like this ruined by a

In '96, Ryan Christensen and I had trouble with the cops in Quincy, CA.
We were hitchhiking out of town in the early evening.  They were being
very short with us and not that friendly.  Left a bad impression of
Quincy, CA on me.  We never got a ride, (it's hard to hitchhike non-solo,
that's the only time I've done it).  Spent the night behind the college
sleeping on an old matress with the sunday newspaper for a blanket.  The
next day we got kicked out of Round Table Pizza for eating too much of the
all you can eat pizza buffet.  (40 pieces of pizza between the two of
us...).  We didn't want another run in with Johnny Law so we left.
Finally got a ride out of town though.

Portland, OR

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