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[pct-l] hiker harrassment

i think my last post on this subject got lost in cyberspace so im trying
again. i was reading the archives from a couple of months ago,and came
across some postings about hiker harrassment by local cops in warner
springs,lone pine and tahoe, and ive been wondering how common this is.
having  in the past ,had a few tastes of small town "justice" this is
worring me a little. id hate to have a trip like this ruined by a
overbearing cop,that dos`nt like my looks. i`de like to hear from others who
have had problems,and tips on places to avoid,i.e.;towns or hitchiking
spots. theve left me pretty much alone when i hike or hitchike up here in
washington,so im most concerned with california and there attitudes. any
advice would really help my piece of mind

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