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RE: [pct-l] Umbrellas

Yes we do.  Unless you are a fair weather hiker only umbrellas are
necessary.  Here are two additional sources for lightweight umbrellas,
thanks to Bill Gurwell.  They are aluminum and weigh 7 oz.  Futai makes one,
which is sold by Magellan's 1-800-962-4943.  It's the Feather Light
Umbrella, RU972, price19.95, a year ago.  Bill also gives Skymall as a
source but when I tried their website-www.skymall.com/fs-it couldn't be
found.  On our hike in 98, Scott devised a way to get his hiking stick to
support the umbrella so he could take a rest stop in dry comfort while still
having two hands available for eating.

See you at the gathering

Beth in Portland, OR

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