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[pct-l] Umbrellas

Does anyone on the list use umbrellas when hiking here in the great Northwet?  I'm starting a section hike on Tuesday (Snoqualmie to Mt. Hood), and considering the time of year I assume rain will fall during a large chunk of the hike.  I found a lightweight, compact umbrella at a Fred Meyer store that's made by www.shedrain.com.  In the website they have a model slightly different than the one I bought called the Hiker Featherweight Umbrella.  I don't yet know the weights of either model, but the Hiker model comes with a more comfortable handle than the one from Fred Meyer.  After my hike I will let you know how the umbrella worked, and by then I will have a weight comparison between the two different umbrellas.

I hope to see at least of few of you at the ALDHA-West Gathering on Sept 29.  If you would like more info on the Gathering, go to  http://gorp.com/nonprof/aldhaw/.

Roger Carpenter
Vancouver, Washington USA

PCT 1996

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