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[pct-l] Congratulations

I just want to say "well done" to all those who tried the PCT this year.  I 
went to the 
ADZPCTKO in April and met a some of this year's participants.  One fellow 
lived near the trail and seem to be a novice with high hopes.  A young women 
had the GoLite pack and I think bought some Jiffy Pop that I recommended at 
the Lake Morena store.  I helped a couple do some slack packing and they 
planned on being married on the hike.  And of course Marge and her 
outstanding attitude for a seasoned citizen.  Truly a unique adventure with 
unique people.  I have often thought about all of them these past months and 
hoped they found the trail all they had imagined and more.  For the 
thru-hikers, I personally don't care if they finished, just that they 
journeyed.  Cheers, Switchback
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