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Re: [pct-l] Happy to be part of the crowd!

Phluffhead writes:

<< I guess my question relates to the anticipated 
 number of others who will be in my shoes around the 14th of May.  >>

This year a large slug of people (~100) started near the end of April due to 
a relatively light winter and the holding of the ADZPCTKO then.  This meant 
that a large amount of hikers put a lot of stress on some of the trail angels 
in Sth Cal.  However, the crowd thinned out quickly.  May 14th this year 
would have put you behind the main crowd by a about two weeks.  

It would be my guess that hikers will gauge their start date by the winter 
conditions in Sth. Cal and the Sth Sierra.  If you want to avoid the main 
rush, which is merely a small group by AT standards, then listen up to the 
list and watch the roster to see when most are starting and then add a couple 


Greg "Strider" Hummel
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