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Re: [pct-l] G4 Review, gear list and general reflections of a

Tom Reynolds wrote:

<< What is unusual about your brothers hike is number of resupply stops.
JMT thruhikers resupply once between Whitney and VVR or Mammoth.

Hi Tom.  Yeah, we chose to hike out to South Lake and Bishop to stay 
overnight and get a shower.  Dusy Basin and Bishop Pass are favorite places 
of ours from many trips in the past.  If I had it to do over, I would have 
skipped the Reds Meadow resupply.  (On a N-S JMT hike.)  Unnecessary and 
expensive.  If you start in the valley at Happy Isles, resupply at Tuolumne 
Meadows and then Vermilion Valley Resort.        
<< I don't think the GV4 was designed for a 21 pound base weight -- more
 8-10. That said, your brother's comments that it was "too big" is telling.
 have a Kelty Cloud that is slightly larger than the Vapor mentioned. It
 an 18 pound base weight very nicely with 2 1/2 gallons of water and a week
 of food.

I carried the Vapor and was very impressed with it.  It was borrowed from 
other son Brian.  We asked Greg to give his opinion of the GV4 without a lot

of input from Brian or me.  I thought his comments were very constructive
a person who has never left a trailhead before without 50 lb. +/- on his 
back.  Greg hasn't had an opportunity to backpack for more than 8 years, and

was taking a lot on faith to start on a 250 mile hike with a 23 lb pack 
(including that 3 lb flight training manual that he needed to study along
way.)  We had a great trip!      
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