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Re: [pct-l] Rainy Pass, Washington, to Manning Park

In a message dated 8/27/00 9:42:22 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
strider518@home.com writes:

<<  Does the PCT end at the Border, or at the highway at Manning Park?
 If the PCT ends at the Border then walk out to the Highway via the Castle
 Creek Trail, then hitch or walk west to the Manning Park Resort. The Castle
 Creek Trail is gentle downhill to the highway, a very easy out.
 If the PCT end at the Highway, then the last eight miles of the Canadian
 stretch of the PCT are a very poor trail that climbs out of the Castle Creek
 Valley between Frosty and Windy Joe Mountain. The trail becomes are road
 that descends steeply down,, to a miserable gravel "Tourist Trail" that
 winds behind the Resort (very confusing, we got lost trying to find the
 resort, how ironic!) >>

The PCT is a U.S. trail and officially ends at Monument 78.  If that's your 
goal, the Castle Creek trail is an easy out.  However, if you go that way you 
will miss a very enjoyable side trip to Windy Joe Lookout, which has been 
unmanned for some years but gives you a great overview of Manning Provincial 
Park and back south toward the border.  A nice wrap-up to a longgggg hike! 

But yes, we also had some problems finding our way out to the Manning Park 
headquarters on our last day.  And I had been there once before!  Some signs, 
whether official PCT markers or otherwise, would be a big help.   
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