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Re: [pct-l] Windscreens

Marge (the old gal) writes:

<< Because of the dry and hot weather Idaho is still experiencing severe fire
 conditions.  They had implemented a Stage III Fire Restriction Order which
 meant the only stove allowed was a device fueled by liquid propane gas. >>

Hi Marge!  Didn't it seem odd to you that the Powers That Be would allow only 
a stove which might explode if used with a "proper" windscreen (according to 
some reports on this list) while outlawing alcohol stoves which can be safely 
used inside your tent vestibule?  Sorry, just had to ask.  

I saw a sign in the Sequoia-Kings Canyon NP's that said, "Only gas stoves may 
be used above 10,000 feet".  Did they really mean I couldn't use my alcohol 
stove?  Of course not.  They just didn't want you to gather wood for your Zip 
Stove. :^)              
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