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Re: [pct-l] Thinking about a PCT hike

ROYROBIN@aol.com wrote:

> I don't think there were any serious problems finding the trail through the
> desert.  If there were decisions to be made about which way to go, either the
> trail guide or a short walk down the wrong path would make everything clear.
> Now, finding the trail under four feet of snow?  That's a map and compass
> exercise!

OTOH, the first time I hiked from Laguna to Scissors Crossing, I turned on the
Oriflamme truck trail, and by the time I decided I really "had" goofed, time
constraints forced me to continue down canyon to S-2.  From there it was a 10
mile road walk to the crossing.  Sheesh, the sound of the hand slap against my
forehead was probably heard in Warner Springs.

Jeff E
(new E-Mail address above)

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