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Re: [pct-l] Special Thanks!

The 3rd ADZPCTKO Gathering (ADZPCTKO = Annual Day Zero PCT Kick Off) is being 
loosely brainstormed on by those many principals that contributed to the past 
two.  The timing of the 2nd seemed to be received well and so I suggest the 
3rd to be scheduled on April 27th - 29th.  All of you planning on a 2001 
section or thruhike, pencil this date onto your 2001 calendars and plan to 
join us in Lake Moreno (on the trail) for a low key gathering of current and 
past thruhikers, section hikers, trail support people and put faces and REAL 
personalities together with the many familiar names on the list. Compare home 
made and store bought, cutting edge equipment, clothing and food. No hype, 
just low key comraderie and confidence building.  

Details to follow.

Greg "Strider" Hummel
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