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[pct-l] Special Thanks!

 Can't thank  you people enough who put out the time, personal funds and 
effort for the 2d annual kick-off. Tom Reynolds did a great job keeping 
things in order. Thanks to Bob Reiss for hauling the many hikers around and 
cooking skills. Greg Hummel for his abilty to dish it out and take it as 
well. This was one of the few times you will have so many list members, PCT 
vets and hard core section hikers all in one spot. Thanks to meadow Ed for 
the reading of updates and water stashes!!!! Jeff Z. is now on his leg to 
Stevens Pass. Dave Paulson is now past Cassade Locks on the Southbound of his 
Yo-yo PCT roundtriper!!!!!  ( Trailmix and Ark. Dave are a day ahead on PA 
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