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RE: [pct-l] titanium vs aluminum cookware

I actually took my postal scale to REI and weighed aluminum and titanium
pots.  They were essentially the same weight, but what sold me on titanium
is that it is much easier to clean.  Food does not stick as easily and
washes off better.  Our old aluminum pot was quite bent and misshapen but
the titanium still looks great after many more miles and abuse than the
aluminum ever had.  I painted the outside of the pot with stove black paint
so it would absorb heat more quickly.

Another topic, but related:  Our 14 yr old granddaughter went on a week long
backpacking camp this summer.  Of course, she was outfitted by Grandma and
Grandpa's outdoor store.  She came back with the news that the Trangia
alcohol stove she took was the star of the trip.  Most of the other stoves
failed, but the alcohol stove cooked for all.

Beth in Portland, OR

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