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[pct-l] West Coast Trail!!

 At least there are latters now in the gorges of the WCT. I did this little 
hike in early June of 1979, only half the gorges had latters and the rest 
were still just rotted ropes you climbed like Batman. ( What a deal !!!! ) 
The up side was that there were no permits or 95 dollar fees. Gas float balls 
were as common as beer cans along a Texas Highway. Saw only two other hikers 
on the whole trip. Caught seven Big crab by hand and had a great feast. ( 
caught in the salt water lake at the Narrows while waiting a day and a half 
for the indians to boat us across ) Indians never did show , but found their 
12 ft. boat and a paddle which we hurried across at lack tide. PS Bear 
Bags???? Save your money as the present day ones don't cut it.  Mice and 
squirrel proof yes, but seams are but a 3 second chore for any park bruin.
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