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re: [pct-l] Bear report needed from JMT

I saw the biggest bear all summer just about 15 miles out of  T. Meadows.  Hey is a big guy and very blond and for a minute I thought I was back home in Alaska and staring at a Griz till I saw he had no hump above his shoulders.  He seems very used to people so watch out.

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>Hello hikers, My wife and I are about to depart for our annual section hike of the PCT. This year has us doing half of section H, Tuolumne Meadows south to Mono Hot Springs. 
>I'm hoping to get an update on how much of a problem the bears have been. We have spent countless nights out on the trail and have had to defend our food from the bruins at times, but the area we are heading to is notorious from what I hear. 
>No longer do we hang food and I have not used a cannister, it has been our practice to camp away from trouble and sleep with our food bag. We don't leave our food unattended during the day and so far haven't had a bear be so bold as to invade an occupied tent, but there is some concern.
>What has worked for others? Let us know what you think. I will pick up e-mail until 9/2.
>Bill & Eva
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