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[pct-l] Ursack....

I noticed that the manufacturer's of Ursack are no longer saying the
Ursack is as "bearproof" as they thought. They recalled the oringinal
ones[including mine] and retaped the seams. They are supposed to be able
to take an additional 300 psi on the seams now. The people at Ursack are
being very upfront about it, including letting owners know that some
Ursacks failed this year. I used one this year, but didn't get any
bears. I am doing a north bound jmt trip next year and will probably
bring my cannister. I am going to use my Ursack next month on the pct
near Tahoe and Desoltion Wilderness...I am thinking these bears are
dumber up here than the park bears along the jmt.
Tom Hopkins
Sacramento Ca
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