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[pct-l] aluminum & Alzheimer's

At 10:03 AM 8/31/00 , Tom Simon wrote:
>I do not remember for certain, but have they not proved conclusively that
>aluminum traces were found in every Alzheimer's cases?


Cookware is a minimal source of aluminum, which is all over our
environment. It's the third most abundant element on earth. It's used
in food preservatives. We've tested aluminum cookware for a
connection to Alzheimer's and according to the evidence I have, you've
got nothing to worry about. 

Storing acidic foods like tomato sauce in aluminum, can cause more
aluminum to seep into the food, so, I'd avoid doing that. 

Something may be going on between aluminum and Alzheimer's, but
we don't know if it is a cause or a secondary invader. I can compare
this to a process between calcium and an inflammatory attack. 

For instance, a woman's breasts often have calcium deposits and
inflammatory processes in the body will attack the calcium. The calcium
didn't cause the problem, though. Something like this may happen with
aluminum deposits in the brains of Alzheimer's patients. 

Aluminum's potential role in the development of Alzheimer's
disease remains controversial. Most experts in the field downplay its

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