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[pct-l] RE: pct-l-digest V1 #1239

In regards to " From: "PCT Boy" <pctalker@hotmail.com> Subject: [pct-l] Re:
pct-l-digest V1 #1238
Rather than recommend a cheap titanium pot, I'd recommend not getting one.
Overkill item -- an aluminum pot weighs how many more grams, costs five
bucks and lasts for how many years? The added expense really seems
unnecessary for this item."
I do not remember for certain, but have they not proved conclusively that
aluminum traces were found in every Alzheimer's cases? My memory escapes me
on this. No matter what, I hope Titanium doesn't have the same effect. But
look at it this way: when you finish a tough trail or mountain pass you say
"I'm never doing that again". Then within two days or less, we hikers are
planning the next equally masochistic hike. Memory loss or what?
I finished the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island and survived many miles
of sinking up to past my knees in mud holes in May 2000. My view then was,
"I'm glad that's over and I'm never climbing all those ladders again." On
the plane trip back, I was planning to go back in a couple years. Voila!
Mayb Aluminum is a good thing for hikers.

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