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[pct-l] Windscreens

Have just come back from 11 days of Wilderness experience in the Sawtooth
National Forest in Idaho. Decided to give the PCT a rest for a while. the
mountains were overwhelming in their jagged sawtooth formations.

Because of the dry and hot weather Idaho is still experiencing severe fire
conditions.  They had implemented a Stage III Fire Restriction Order which
meant the only stove allowed was a device fueled by liquid propane gas.
Luckily I had my  old GAZ stove with several Cartridges in the car,
I did not think of a wind screen however.

We had a lot of wind and what I resorted to using was my Z Rest  folded
around the stove in a big circle. The Z rest was far enough from the stove
so as not to be scorched etc.  and the water actually came to a boil really
fast. One canister lasted 2 of us for 5 1/2 days using this windscreen.

So that is how we dealt with a windscreen in a pinch.

Marge (the old gal)

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