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RE: [pct-l] AT Bashing revised

Hey Monte.....errrrr.....I think you meant you've done a 180.  A 360 would
imply you have the same opinion (and are probably dizzy too).  The only
reason I caught this is that it's the same thing some basketball star said
and they keep passing it around on various email lists of stupid quotes:
something like "We're going to turn this team around 360 degrees".  Don't
mean to pick on you, just thought it humorous.               --Swoosh

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		 After being the only hiker who had NOT did an AT thru-trip
hiking on the PCT 
		this year , I have done a 360 on my bad mouthing the AT.
Most the group that 
		I hiked with or even saw were AT veterans and quickly put me
in my place. I 
		now am convinced the AT is steeper and more rocky than the
PCT. I have made 
		promises to never bash the AT again. I also take back the
statement that " I 
		would rather hike I-5 Mexico to Canada because it is more
scenic and has less 
		people". I would add that the PCT would be my favorite over
the AT based on 
		views and scenery. The AT ( Green Tube ) will probably never
see my 
		overweight footprint on it's root infested soil. My hat is
off to all AT vets 
		I have belittled. The AT is not a " low level beach hike
made so easterners 
		to walk off their guts from watching too much hockey".
Thank You, Mad 
		Monte""""""""" PCT Rocks!!!!!
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