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re: [pct-l] AT Bashing revised

> After being the only hiker who had NOT did an AT thru-trip hiking on the PCT 
>this year , I have done a 360 on my bad mouthing the AT. Most the group that 
>I hiked with or even saw were AT veterans and quickly put me in my place. I 
>now am convinced the AT is steeper and more rocky than the PCT. I have made 
>promises to never bash the AT again. I also take back the statement that " I 
>would rather hike I-5 Mexico to Canada because it is more scenic and has less 
>people". I would add that the PCT would be my favorite over the AT based on 
>views and scenery. The AT ( Green Tube ) will probably never see my 
>overweight footprint on it's root infested soil. My hat is off to all AT vets 
>I have belittled.  Thank You, Mad 
>Monte""""""""" PCT Rocks!!!!!

  We'll turn you into AT trail trash yet Monte!!
After getting on the PCT this year I find the two trails incomparable they both offer awesome challenges and brilliant views.

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