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Re: [pct-l] Re: Re PCT thru-hike styles

> Is the PCT treadway that much easier as far as good footing is concerned
> (i.e., few rocks and/or roots)? It's rocks and roots that really eat into
> my speed.

I've hiked both trails. It is my humble opinion that the PCT is a better
trail. It's graded much better and most of the time you don't have to stare
at your feet to make your way. You won't find rocks and roots the likes of
the North East on the AT. But you'll have other things that slow you down
like snow and river crossings.

If you average 15 miles a day on the AT you'll be able to do 20 a day fairly
well on the PCT. (I know, Monte will kill for saying this ;^) There are
steep parts of the PCT, but it doesn't go straight up and straight down all
the time like the AT does.


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