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[pct-l] An Incredible Journey

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On April 28th, at 1:47PM, I left that dusty southern terminus and began a journey I had tried to research and prepare myself for both mentally and physically.  After 110 days of trail, I am proud to say I walked from Mexico to Oregon (99.4 percent of it pure), and it was nothing I ever imagined.  I accomplished my goal, but sadly had to leave the wonders of it all to come back to school.  The class of 2000 is an amazing crew, but do stand second to the incredible offerings the state of California has to offer.  
   In regards to the PCT-L-DIGEST, I'd like to throw out some encouragement to any amateurs thinking twice about thru or state( as I like to call myself) hiking.  I would be more than willing to answer any of your "stupid" questions, as I once did to the crew writing and reading this message board.  
   As far as those writers go, I'd like to thank a few.  Beginning with Bob in San Diego, thanks for the hospitality at the Kickoff.  The same goes for you Mr. Tom Reynolds.  While you do have the biggest mouth I've ever heard, your leadership at the party was appreciated.  I'd love to hike with you. I'd love to share the stories of what I saw happen to the Ursack out there.  To Greg Hummel, thanks for your inspiration. Monte and Jeff Z talked often about you, and the 77 stories were shared.  One of our conversations talked about hiking records, and I'll just say I came mighty close to your 44 in one day, thinking of your heavy pack all the way.  Roy Robinson, while the "soda-can-stove" caught my attention in the end, your tuna kicker took me the whole way (even in the sierras, no problem).  Brian, if it's up your alley, best of luck in your upcoming adventure.
Paul and Katrina, you rocked out there!  Any others that are tied to this list and the PCT 2000, you were a part of an adventure that will not be topped for quite some time.  Thanks!

Rock On 2000!

Experiencing the classic post trail blues,

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