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[pct-l] Re: Re PCT thru-hike styles

It seems as though the PCT attracts many more really big mileage people 
than the AT does. I know lots of AT hikers who do 20+ (and some 25+) 
miles per day after day after day. I don't think I'd ever fall anywhere 
near that category. I know I don't move that fast when the trail gets 
rocky. If I put in 15 miles on an average AT section I'm generally quite 
pleased with that. But, realistically I probably do more like 12-13. 
Granted some of that is due to the simple fact that I decide to stop at a 
shelter that is at that point instead of going a few miles farther up the 
trail and camping alone.

Is the PCT treadway that much easier as far as good footing is concerned 
(i.e., few rocks and/or roots)? It's rocks and roots that really eat into 
my speed.

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