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[pct-l] Thinking about a PCT hike

I've been thinking aobut doing a PCT hike next year. THis would probably 
not be a thru-hike. But, I have one important question. How easy is the 
trail to follow especially in the desert sections in the south? My vision 
is low and this is an important issue to me. I don't need a trail to have 
blaze every few hundred yards, but if the trail spends miles and miles 
crossing boulder fields or flat unremarked terrain that does cause me 

At some point in time I will do a PCT thru-hike, but that point is 
probably not next year. On the other hand if it is I suppose I'll have to 
learn a few new skills. For example, I've never used an ice axe... Ah 
things to think about.

  ** Ken **

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