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re: [pct-l] PCT Surprise

 Then surprised them by bringing Swiss Miss and Ron 
>" Fallingwater" up to to meet them again. Swiss and Ron wanted to finish 
>trail with this great group of hikers. Also met " Skylark" Saturday 2 miles 
>from Pass and looking strong. We then drove into Packwood today for a " Pizza 
>Fest" and some resupplies. Missed Ark. Dave and Trailmix by less than a hour 
>as they hiked out the chairlift trail Saturday afternoon and departed North 
>this morning before we got back to White Pass. The group has great morale and 
>doing well. They had fun catching up on all the thu-hike gossip that goes 
>with a thu-hike

   Thats funny I hiked into Crater Lake , OR right behind Swiss Miss by a half a day that was just a week ago to finish my 1500 mile 3 month section. They must of yellow blazed to get up there.  I know Fallingwater Moak had skipped a big section but not Swiss Miss.  I know she was ready to get off trail as we all are sometimes.

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