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[pct-l] PCT Surprise

 Saw PA Jeff Zimerman, Molson and Lucky this weekend. I got to meet 1999 
thru-hiker Johnathon Ley ( great guy!! ). Packed a  halloween mask with a 
down vest stuffed in it and hiked south to a saddle above Horseshoe Lake ( 6 
miles south of White Pass) Then set up a ambush where we set the scary head 
next to the trail. Then video taped the look on Lucky and Molson's face when 
they came across the head. Then surprised them by bringing Swiss Miss and Ron 
" Fallingwater" up to to meet them again. Swiss and Ron wanted to finish 
trail with this great group of hikers. Also met " Skylark" Saturday 2 miles 
from Pass and looking strong. We then drove into Packwood today for a " Pizza 
Fest" and some resupplies. Missed Ark. Dave and Trailmix by less than a hour 
as they hiked out the chairlift trail Saturday afternoon and departed North 
this morning before we got back to White Pass. The group has great morale and 
doing well. They had fun catching up on all the thu-hike gossip that goes 
with a thu-hike. Like where everybody is and who has left the trail. I made a 
good 20 minute movie which I hope to make copies of and hand out to a few 
folks. ( Good humor which only another thu-hiker would enjoy)  My new alcohol 
stoves are working well for Jeff and Swiss. ( Even alcohol guru Ron 
Fallingwater was impressed with this new version) More up-dates in furture. 
The gang should finish around Sept. 15th. I hope be be at monument 78 Sept 
14th to video groups final moments of pain  and suffering before they finish 
2,638 miles. Monte in Oly
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